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Mattress Firmness Guide in the UK

Mattress firmness describes how hard or soft a particular mattress feels to the sleeper.

The firmness of a mattress can vary drastically, although there is no industry standard most manufacturers use a Soft to Firm scale. Some mattress producers rate the scale H1 to H5. Where a mattress sits on this scale can be based on mattress type, materials used & the density of material used in the mattress. When deciding what type of mattress to choose body weight, sleeping position and the type of body, health conditions should be taken into account.

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Mattress Firmness UK Guide Scale
Mattress TypeDegree of firmnessRecommended Sleeping PositionRecommended Body Weight
Very SoftH1Side Sleeper50 KG to 65 KG
Soft to MediumH2Side sleeper, Back Sleeper65 KG to 85 KG
Medium- FirmH3Side Sleeper, Back Sleeper, Stomach Sleeper85 KG to 105 KG
FirmH4Back Sleeper, Stomach Sleeper105 KG to 135 KG
Very FirmH5Stomach Sleeper135KG +
Table of mattress firmness and recommended body weights
Firm Mattresses

Mattresses on the firmer end of the scale excel in support and durability they are well suited to sleepers that suffer from muscle tension pains or back pain. The added support a firmer mattress provides helps to keep the sleeping position throughout the night. Firm mattresses on the whole tend to be quieter with less motion in he night. Firm mattresses are best suited to front of back sleepers

Soft Mattresses

Mattresses on the softer side of the scale excel in comfort & body contouring for cushioning padding, Typically these are memory foam mattresses. These are the sleeping on a “cloud” option. Soft mattresses can be better at temperature regulation throughout the night. Soft mattresses are best suited to side sleepers.

Medium – Firm Mattresses

Medium Firm Mattress are the ideal in-between on the scale. With more support than the “cloud” like option yet still soft enough for all sleepers and positions. This is the type of mattress that suits most people often a mixture of materials e.g Pocket sprung with a memory foam top layer. These mattresses are well suited to couple keeping motion low throughout the night white still providing a high level of comfort.

Pocket Sprung Mattress Quality
Medium Firm Home Treats Pocket Sprung Mattress
Mattress Stability & Pressure Points

In addition its important to think about personal pressure points in your sleeping position when purchasing a mattress and any areas of discomfort on your body. The mattress you need should be stable and mould to body weight throughout the night. As our standard option all of our beds had a medium firm pocket sprung mattress options ideal for all sleepers & body weights. Ottoman Storage Bed With Pocket Sprung Mattress.

Single and King Size Air Mattresses are also available

Air mattress king size

Air Bed with S – Coloumns to keep bed stability and shape single and king size

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