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How To Replace Bed Slats

Dimensions of Single Bed Webbed Slats

How to replace bed slats

This post aims to guide you on how to replace bed slats
Measure the internal  bed measurements length and width from the inner side of the bed frame
Check the width internal measurement not including the slat holder bars.  Internal width measuring being most important.

The slats witch should match the internal bed measurement.
Eg 90cm internal bed  width,  90cm width slats should be purchased or plywood can be cut to 90cm width

bed slat sizes

Check the length internal measurement. The slats can be spaced for any length the  user needs from 150cm to 190cm for single and double beds. 
Once you have the correct size slats you can place the slats on the slat holder bars, use webbing to space evenly then secure by drilling onto the slat holder bars.
The slats can have webbing to space evenly, this webbing can be cut to use  singular slats, adjust to slat holder bars,  split into sections or a full reinforce between existing gaps.
Installation method examples for a single bed
bed slats size
You should now know how to replace bed slats
Replacement single bed slats can be purchased here