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Furniture Measuring Guide – How to measure furniture?

furniture measuring guide
Furniture Measuring Guide – How to measure furniture?

Being sure to check an furniture fits both the space intended & being able to get the furniture to your room of choice is a vital aspect of purchasing a piece of furniture; In this furniture measuring guide we will advise you on how to measure your new piece of furniture & plan delivery of larger household items.

tape measure furniture
Get your tape measure ready!

Measure the space intended for the piece of furniture

Begin by measuring the space intended for the piece of furniture, then carefully check against the assembled dimensions of the product online. Check the following 3 measurements the Height, Width, Depth of the furniture.

Height (H) – The measurement from the floor to the highest point of the assembled item.
Width (W) – The measurement of the furthest points left to right of the assembled item.
Depth (D) – The measurement of the furthest points front to back of the assembled item.

Furniture Measuring guide

This will help ensure there is an adequate area for the piece of furniture once assembled.
When measuring the space available be sure to consider any obstructions from the wall; this may include windowsills, skirting boards, plug sockets or shelves. Its is also worth checking that any nearby doors, wardrobes or drawers can easily open when checking these furniture measurements.

Measure for delivery of the item.

Once you are sure the item will fit the space, it is wise to ensure the piece of furniture can fit through all doors and make it to the intended space. Obstacles like doors, elevator openings, entryways, tight staircases should be checked against the package dimensions of each box.

Measure the door width & height of all doors the furniture must pass through. Be sure to measure from the door frame to the door edge when it is fully opened. If one of the package sizes is less than the door width, then the package should go through easily. In some cases items can be put through at an angle or upright.

Any tight corners in entryways, corner staircases & doorways can be easily overcome by moving the item through the doorway then standing the item upright. Carefully pivoting the package is another good method of getting longer packages around corners. Here is an example dimensions of a king size bed.

Box 1 – 207cm  x  32cm x 15cm Box 2 – 160cm x 121cm x 7cm Example door: Width 74cm Height 200cm

furniture delivery guide
Both packages simply fit through standard UK door sizes and can be moved around tricky corners easily.

Here at Home Treats we supply items flat packed boxed in the most compact way possible to avoid any problems with delivery. Customer service can be contacted for package dimensions if you have any concerns.

Prepare the space for delivery

We would also suggest it’s a good idea to make sure there is nothing in the way prior to delivery. Clearing the path beforehand will allow easier moving of the packages to the your room of choice. With any furniture requiring self assembly we would advise clearing extra space around the assembly area prior to delivery. The extra floorspace ready helps with the following;

• Avoids any parts being misplaced during assembly
• Allows for cardboard packaging to used to protect parts during assembly
• Gives more space to spread out and identify parts
• Gives more space for any tools to be at hand.

We hope this furniture measuring guide has helped you make better informed decisions.