Decorating Tips for a Small Bedroom

Decorating Tips for a Small Bedroom

Do you have a small bedroom? Do you want it to look its best and become a comfortable space in your home that still looks stylish? If you are redecorating your small bedroom and need some help, keep reading as the design specialists at Home Treats UK have some helpful tips that can have your bedroom looking spacious and comfortable in no time.

Create a Focal Point

Whatever the size of your bedroom, creating a focal point will draw the eyes away from the lack of space and towards a bold pillow, headboard or wall hanging. Don’t overdo it and keep the focal point away from windows so as not to take away the natural light and appearance of space a window provides.

Hidden Storage

No matter the size of your bedroom, you will still need storage space. Adding hidden storage solutions can help reduce clutter and give you a space for additional seasonal wardrobes. From storage ottomans and closet organisers, to under-bed storage bins and a bookshelf hung from the wall can add more storage without taking up valuable floor space.

Let in the Sunlight

Most bedrooms utilise blackout curtains or shades for privacy and darkness. If you choose to let the sunshine in, you will not only add natural light, but you can make even the smallest of bedrooms seem brighter and more spacious.

Window Treatments for Size

Adding longer window treatments such as drapes that hang from the ceiling down to the floor can give the appearance of larger windows making the room seem even bigger than it is.

Low Ceilings?

If your small bedroom also has low ceilings, you can give it a more open, airy feel by using lighter paint colours such as bright whites or pale pastels.

Reduce Clutter

Even in a small space, you can still be neat and organised. This can be done by using floating bookshelves, room organisers or furniture that offers dual use such as ottomans with storage space inside.

Soft Edges

Choosing furniture with soft edges will take up less floor space and give the impression of more space while still giving you seating and a place to put your nighttime essentials. Choose half-circle nightstands or round ottomans.


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