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Best Coffee Accessories to Get You Through the Winter Months

Many of us tend to endure, rather than enjoy, winter – but the constantly frosty temperatures and lack of sun can be easier to bear when you’ve got particular items at hand. We’re thinking a good book, a warm and gently burning stove, and the following coffee accessories from Home Treats UK. Suitably counter the adverse effects of winter by reading this advice from the Met Office before getting hold of these accessories, making some succulent coffee and inviting some friends or family to come over.

Biscuit Holder Mug

This amusing-looking mug could provide a great talking point if friends or family indeed visit and spot you sipping from it. Whether a Digestive, Custard Cream, Hobnob or Bourbon is your favoured biscuit of choice, you can enjoy keeping it – or a stack of biscuits – in the little slot at the bottom of the mug, ready for you to pick up and nibble from at any time.

Milk Bottle Drinking Glass Set in Gift Crate

We have raised the possibility of friends or family visiting; indeed, if a particularly large number of them visit, you could stylishly treat up to six people with some cute little bottles of nice, warm coffee, thanks to this Milk Bottle Drinking Glass Set in Gift Crate. Each of these bottles can hold up to 100ml of coffee, while the crate includes a carry handle for easier transportation. Bringing out a set of six drinks with this crate could leave your visitors feeling like they’ve got their own personal milkman. Drink up!

Surprise Mug I’m a Twat

Winter might be depressing… for many of us, anyway. However, sometimes it can be not a sizzling fire or a higher setting on the central heating, but instead a good laugh that warms us up. For that reason, this rather daring mug can be great for handing to one of those aforementioned visitors that you’d like to play a mischievous trick on.

At first glance, it looks like just an ordinary white mug. However, wait until whoever you have handed it to lifts the mug to take a strong sip of coffee, and then enjoy the laughter from everyone else in the room. Admittedly, you might want to be careful who you give the mug to; giving it to your boss in the work canteen, for example, could result in a rather unexpected visit to the Job Centre.