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New Year, New Start: Top Storage Solutions To Declutter Your Home

We’ve all likely decided on our New Year’s resolutions for 2016 by now – and, if tidying up the house is among your priorities for this year, we’ve got some great ideas to help you. To get more to the point, we can suggest storage solutions for ensuring that, whatever you like to keep in your house, you can keep it out of the way, but also where you can easily find it whenever necessary.

Use any free under-the-bed space for storage

Many of us pay little attention to what our beds are like beneath the mattresses. However, now is a good time for you to change tune, as you could find a huge amount of airy space there currently going wasted. You might already have a bed with built-in drawers, which would make storing especially easy; however, even if you don’t, keeping items under the bed remains a great decluttering method, having even been recommended by top TV personality Anthea Turner.

Find clever ways to use storage units as decoration

Simply buying a big stack of boxes in which to keep various items can be a practical way of decluttering… but not the most imaginative one. And, once those boxes are full, where are you supposed to keep them? An attic or basement might seem a sensible option, but could also result in you struggling to find particular stored items when you really need them.

Thankfully, however, there are certain types of storage unit that, while still perfectly practical, look so good that they can also serve as visual enhancement within your home. If you’re struggling to see where we’re coming from here, check out our stock of kitchen storage products here at Home Treats UK. Our Wire Egg Run Cream is great for storing eggs in a manner that attracts positive remarks from visitors, while our Milk Bottle Drinking Glass Set would look similarly eye-catching in the fridge.

Throughout the year, declutter little and often

Though many people are perfectly happy keeping their residence tidy with just the occasional ‘spring clean’, you could find that instead tidying up little and often can better help you to keep on top of everything. After all, many of us can spare a few minutes from time to time, but rarely several hours at a time! Also, a friend could make a surprise visit at any moment, so it’d be wise to keep things tidy for them.