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Stone Filtered Pressure Shower Head


  • 🚿 3 MODE SHOWER HEAD— The pressure shower head has three different modes: Jetting, Rainfall and Massage. Easily move the side switch to change the shower mode. Each mode is great for a relaxing shower.
  • 💧WATER SAVING— Our shower head design saves water and increases pressure. The extra thin nozzles force water through in thinner streams at a higher pressure. We have used laser etching to cut the perforations in the shower head for an extra fine shower nozzle.
  • 🧼 FILTER SHOWER HEAD— Our mineral balls remove toxins, chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride etc. The mineral balls enhance water purification and balance the waters PH. This helps with smoother skin and increases cell rejuvenation.
  • 💦 EASY INSTALLATION— Connects to most shower hoses without the need for tools, the connection can be manually tightened. The shower head is designed to be used as a hand held shower or mounted shower with any standard hose. Size: H: 25cm W: 8cm D 11cm
  • 👩‍💻CUSTOMER SERVICE— We ensure each product meets the highest standard. If you have any issues with the shower head please contact us immediately and we will help you with any issues. Our UK based customer service team will make sure that you are happy.

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