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Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Kissing Couple

Valentine’s Day is approaching – but have you considered what special gift you will get for your other half? Ideally, you want to give them a present that you know they will like, but will also take them by surprise – a tricky balance to strike. Nonetheless, we’ve got a few of what we reckon are particularly thoughtful gift ideas for you to mull over.

Set of 2 V Latte Glasses, 250ml, “Costa” Style

Strictly speaking, the ‘V’ here refers not to Valentine’s, but instead simply the unique and likeable shape of the glasses. Still, these elegant drinking vessels have much to recommend them – including a visually pleasing but functional design, plus suitability for both use with coffee machines and cleaning in the dishwasher. And, of course, there’s two glasses in a set – making it a potentially very romantic gift.

Personalise Your Own Lap Tray

Many of us would love to have our own lap tray for more easily tucking into meals while sat on the sofa – and perhaps your partner is one of them. However, the designs of many lap trays available from other retailers might not be quite what you’re looking for… in which case, you could opt for this one from our own stock, before personalising the tray with various pictures that you reckon would be to your other half’s liking.

There are so many exciting possibilities here – let your imagination run riot! Perhaps, for example, you could slip in pictures of various scenes from your partner’s favourite film, or – this is certainly romantic – of the two of you together, having fun at different stages of your relationship. You might be able to dig out a picture of you both at your first date, or even – for many couples who have been together for years – your wedding.

Bathroom Scale with Body Fat, Hydration, Muscle Mass and Bone Mass Function

If your partner is a big health and fitness buff, they are likely to appreciate this hi-tech bathroom scale. As well as indicating weight in kilograms, stones or pounds, it can measure – yes – body fat, hydration, muscle mass and bone mass.

This could soon become your partner’s most essential morning companion (well, after you, obviously) and can be especially effective in combination with a calorie tracker like MyFitnessPal. This highly recommended tracker can be used either through the MyFitnessPal website or one of the mobile apps of the same name – and it’s free!