The Bed Frame Breakdown

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Picking From Different Bed Frames

Choosing the right bed frame is an essential step in creating a comfortable and stylish sleep sanctuary. But with many types of bed frames and different materials available, navigating the options can feel overwhelming. Here at Home Treats UK, we want to make the process of buying a bed online as pain-free as possible and explaining your choice of bed frames is a big part of that.

This guide will break down different bed frame types, explore their pros and cons, and help you find the perfect fit for your needs and preferences. Not all bed frames are created equal though, with the bed frames available at Home Treats of a very high standard at extremely competitive prices.

Types of Bed Frame

First, let’s summarise the most common types of bed frames available today, noting their benefits, along with any potential downsides.

Platform Bed Frame

This minimalist bed frame design offers a sturdy base with a supportive platform for your mattress. It often lacks a box spring requirement and provides a sleek, modern look. Pros: Space-saving, affordable and easy to assemble. Cons: Limited storage options and is basic.

Divan Bed

A divan bed frame is a hugely popular option that combines a platform base with a built-in upholstered box, often offering storage drawers or compartments. Divan beds come in various styles, usually with a headboard. Pros: Can offer storage space in drawers within the box and often has an attractive design. Cons: Takes up more space than a platform bed.

Sleigh Bed

A sleigh bed frame is a classic style that features a curved headboard and footboard, creating an elegant and timeless look. Sleigh beds are, naturally, named after sleighs like those driven by Santa! Pros: Very visually appealing designs that offers a sense of security and enclosure. Cons: Sleigh bed frames are bulkier than other styles, which might not be ideal for smaller bedrooms.

Poster Bed

A poster bed is a grand old design that features four tall posts at the corners, often with decorative elements. The headboard, footboard and sometimes the posts can be draped with fabric for a luxurious feel – the kind of thing you’d see in a palace. Pros: Visually striking appeal and curtains around the edges can enclose the bed. Cons: Poster bed frames are expensive and take up a hell of a lot of space.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are a great space-saving solution that features two or more beds stacked vertically. A bunk bed frame is ideal for kids’ rooms or guest rooms. Pros: Bunk beds maximise space, making them suitable for shared bedrooms. Cons: Generally not suitable for adults and the top bunk bed can be potentially dangerous.

Ottoman Bed

An ottoman bed frame features a lift-up base that conceals a spacious storage compartment. Ottoman beds are one of our specialities at Home Treats UK and they are ideal for maximising storage in bedrooms with limited wardrobe space. Pros: Provides a big area of easily accessible storage space which can be really useful in smaller bedrooms. Cons: Slightly more expensive than a simple bed.

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed frame is a single bed frame designed to fit neatly underneath another single bed. This means trundle beds are ideal for maximising sleeping capacity in compact bedrooms – often a guest room. Pros: Provides additional sleeping accommodation without sacrificing valuable floor space. Cons: The trundle bed is typically a lower-profile mattress and might not be as comfortable as a standard bed.

Bed Frame Material Options

Material is another key consideration when exploring bed frame options, with varying levels of sturdiness and durability afforded by different materials.

Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames are durable, lightweight and often very reasonable in price. They also tend to offer a modern look and can be simple or ornate depending on the design.

Wooden Bed Frames

Wooden beds provide a classic and timeless aesthetic, while offering excellent durability and sturdiness. Wooden bed frames come in various finishes and styles, offering warmth and a natural feel to the bedroom.

Upholstered Bed Frames

Creates a luxurious and comfortable feel. Upholstered frames are ideal for those who like to sit up in bed and can add a touch of colour or pattern to your bedroom decor.

More Tips on Choosing the Right Bed Frame

Aside from the actual types of bed frames that may be most suitable to you and the materials of the bed itself, there are some other factors you may want to consider before making your buying decision.
  • Sleeping Style: For those who sit up in bed frequently, a platform bed with a headboard or an upholstered frame might be more comfortable.
  • Weight Considerations: Heavy sleepers or those with heavy mattresses might need a sturdier frame, such as a solid wood option.
  • Durability: Choose a material and design that can withstand daily use. Metal and wooden bed frames typically offer the most durability.
  • Noise Concerns: A well-constructed platform bed with a solid base is less likely to creak or squeak compared to some metal frames. Flexible wooden slats are good for comfort but can move around.
  • Uneven Floors: If your bedroom floor is uneven, a platform bed with adjustable legs can help ensure a level sleeping surface.
  • Storage Needs: If you’re short on floor and storage space, an ottoman bed frame can provide valuable hidden storage.