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Fairy Lights, Not Just For Christmas

Christmas is one of those times of year when, it seems, it is very difficult to feel depressed. Beautiful trees, excited children and even Nodder Holder squawking “IT’S CHRRIISSTT-MMAASS!!” can all instantly relieve any lingering gloom. So why should fairy lights, those pretty mainstays of residences during the festive period, be put back into the decorations box once January has arrived? Here are several great post-Christmas ideas for using them.

Decorating your bedroom

You might consider windows to be the traditional place for fairy lights to be draped across during the gift-giving season, but they can also look great hanging upon your bedroom walls. We would, however, recommend hanging them in elaborate shapes, like those of stars or flowers, or even text. Simply lining them across a wall could seem overly unimaginative for decorations as pleasingly eye-catching as fairy lights.

Ultimately, however, the choice is yours – and, as Time Out notes, you won’t have to fret about such lights, if accidentally left on, burning down your residence.

Leaving a special message…

This follows on from what we have mentioned about hanging up fairy lights in the shape of lettering. There are many imaginative possibilities for how you could use this to pass on special messages to special people. It could be as simple as wishing your partner happy birthday, or congratulating your child on doing well in their recent exams.

Alternatively, it could be something more elaborate like – if you have a partner, but aren’t married – popping the question at a time when your other half would be really unlikely to expect it. Our silver heart fairy lights could be especially suitable for use here. Yes, we like to consider ourselves romantic…

Drawing attention to photos in your living room

You have likely used your living room walls for hanging up various delightful photos of loved ones – think photos of your kids when at school, your cat when you first brought them home, or you and your partner on your wedding day.

You can invite visitors to pay more attention to these wonderful pictures by surrounding them with hung-up fairy lights. You should be careful with exactly how you hang them, however – you don’t want them to attract attention for the wrong reasons. And, of course, you don’t want these lights to hang across the photos, as that would obscure the photos from view and defeat the purpose of this idea.