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10 great products to give your bathroom an upgrade

If you’ve recently walked into your bathroom and felt that it’s looking a little worn – well, there’s nothing wrong with buying some extra products to enhance it. A bathroom, like a computer, can benefit from having a little extra spent on it once in a while. Here are some of our own ideas for what exact bathroom products you could purchase from Home Treats UK.

Square Tumbler & Holder, Chrome Finish

You need somewhere to keep the toothbrushes, and this gorgeous-looking tumbler is certainly much more stylish than a boring plain white beaker.

Silver Mosaic Soap Dish

No wonder it’s easy to misplace the soap – both soap bars and bathrooms are often white! However, that soap can be much easier to find in this striking mosaic dish.

Large Silver Mosaic Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… actually, you’re definitely the fairest of them all. The large mosaic frame of this mirror sparkles – metaphorically and literally – in a well-lit bathroom.

Free Standing Cosmetic Mirror – Swivel and Magnify Option

You could also consider this more flexible and less static mirror. The mirror can swivel by 360 degrees and one of its sides has a 300% magnified reflection.

Silver Mosaic Toilet Roll Holder

Like the above mentioned mosaic items, this can sparkle – or, rather, its base can. This part, naturally, won’t be concealed by the toilet roll being held. Oh, and here are even more ideas for a mosaic theme.

Electronic Digital Scales BMI & Hydration

Not only weigh yourself, but also learn your body fat level, BMI, muscle rate and bone mass with these digital scales. The future is indeed here…

Square Glass Shelf, Chrome Finish

If you need a shelf for keeping crucial items, you might as well choose a good-looking one – like this one, which would certainly suit a modern-looking bathroom.

Suction Basket, Chrome Finish Stainless Steel

On a similar note, this little basket would be good for keeping bathroom essentials like shampoo and liquid soap at close hand.

Towel Ring with a Polished Chrome Finish

You’ll want somewhere to hang your towel, too – and this ring is both large enough to hold a hefty towel and polished enough to look good while doing it.

White Wooden Drawer & Cupboard Cabinet

Want a storage unit that includes many big compartments while remaining visually suitable for a bathroom of modern design? We would definitely recommend this product.