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How Apple’s HomeKit could weave its way into your home

There’s a revolution heading to the home, and it’s being led by Apple. Well, triggering revolutions is something that the tech giant is thoroughly used to – and, with its HomeKit framework, Apple is now intent on making the smart home easier to set up and use than ever before. If you’re doubtful about the potential of HomeKit even now, here are several reasons why you could actually find yourself turning to it surprisingly often over the coming months and years.

A smart home framework that is wonderfully easy to use

As is particularly evidenced by the recent hugely successful launch of the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, quite a lot of us are fond of iPhones. And that’s not even considering the millions of people who have iPads and iPod Touch models, which use the same iOS operating system.

Therefore, for many people, an iOS device seems a convenient “remote” for a comprehensive smart home. iOS device owners can operate a variety of HomeKit-compatible home accessories through apps installed on their device.

Setting up one of these accessories with HomeKit is refreshingly frustration-free; it simply involves downloading the relevant app onto the iOS device, before using the app to scan that accessory’s HomeKit setup code through the device’s camera.

A promising future for HomeKit

For all of its ease of use, one major caveat of HomeKit is that accessories compatible with the framework are still not widespread. Nonetheless, the number of these accessories on the market is expected to grow; Apple has certainly provided the vital tools to help various companies to collectively make the dream of a highly intuitive and functional smart home a reality.

Eduardo Pinheiro, CEO of smart home device app Muzzley, has confidently declared that “HomeKit will boost the smart home even though the smart home is not yet mainstream”. He has predicted a time when “we will assist the boost of the smart home where all the current problems for the user will be solved.”

So, if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running 8.1 or later, as Apple has said is necessary to use HomeKit, and are excited about putting together a smart home, why not read up further on the framework to prepare for the revolution? You should also watch Home Treats UK to see what HomeKit-compatible products, such as for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, we offer in future.