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Household tips : bedroom & kitchen storage

Do you often find more and more items that you hugely rely on – whether they be food boxes, kitchen utensils, clothes, or anything else – regularly appearing in untidy piles in your bedroom and kitchen, in want of storage space? It is probably more due to a lack of organisation than genuinely insufficient space in your home. Here are some quick but unique tips for making more space for storage.

Make eggs-tra space in your fridge

If you find that your fridge is increasingly struggling to keep all of the food that you regularly buy and want to squeeze into it, one surprising solution could lie in the eggs. No, not the yolks – we don’t mean that literally. We mean, store your eggs in a Wire Egg Run Cream, which looks so lovably quirky that it can serve as an attractive ornament as well as a storage structure. This can free up space in your fridge.

Hang your shelves higher than usual

There could be loads of wall space in your kitchen or bedroom that you are not utilising simply because it’s higher than you typically commonly look. However, having shelves hung higher in either of these rooms can leave more space lower on the wall for even more shelves and, therefore, more storage space. We have a feeling that bookworms will especially appreciate this tip…

Here’s a good hook – in fact, several hooks

You can also make more space in the wardrobe in your bedroom – by taking many of your favourite clothes and hanging them on hooks elsewhere in the room. Don’t have spare hooks? Then pick up some overdoor hooks from our stock here at Home Treats UK. As well as maximising space in your wardrobe, this particular decluttering method lets you more regularly see and admire your most stylish clothes.

You might be able to think of your own ideas…

Now that we’ve listed a few ideas for more efficient storage in your bedroom or kitchen, you could suddenly find other, even more unusual ideas forming in your head. If this is indeed the case, get those ideas written down quickly. You could even use the popular photo sharing website Pinterest to visually illustrate your ideas while also bringing together ideas from other sources – here is just one page on that site demonstrating how you could do that. We hope we’ve got your imagination into gear…