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Coffee Machines vs. Instant coffee: What’s better?









How do you like to make your coffee? Perhaps you like to just spoon coffee powder into a mug of hot water before stirring for a quickly-prepared instant coffee. On the other hand, maybe you are willing to turn to a coffee machine for a richer-tasting beverage. Instant coffee and machine-made coffee each have their unique pros and cons, but which of the two should you personally opt for?

Would you prefer a quicker coffee…

The most obvious plus point of instant coffee is the speed and ease with which it can be made. Making a good mug of instant coffee can be almost as straightforward as opening a door, making it the favoured choice among many of us with hectic lives. Instant coffee can also be more financially sensible for those of us who drink coffee only occasionally, rather than regularly.

… or a – perhaps – better coffee?

For more avid coffee sippers, however, any spending necessary for acquiring a coffee machine can prove beyond worthwhile. People who drink coffee particularly often are likely to develop very specific preferences in coffee which instant coffee might not always meet. A coffee machine, though, will hand the drinker more control over the exact composition of their beverages. This means that, with a coffee machine on hand, they could even daily enjoy coffee that hits the spot.




Banish your misconceptions about coffee makers

You should also keep in mind that coffee machines do not take as long to make coffee as you might initially expect. In fact, that perfect coffee could be out of the machine in just a few minutes – only slightly longer than making an instant coffee would likely take you.

You could even find coffee makers to be less financially expensive than you had originally imagined. Once you have bought a machine, it could be years before you need or even want to replace it – and coffee machines can hugely differ in their features and, as a result, their prices. You could therefore find yourself surprisingly capable of getting hold of a machine that ticks all of the vital boxes for you in particular without leaving too big a hole in your bank balance.

It is, above all, a very personal choice

For this reason, whether you continue to prefer instant or machine-produced coffee, Home Treats UK is happy to offer a range of accessories that could improve your brewing experience.

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