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Head Back to Uni in Style with Our Funky Glass and Mugs Sets

All over the country, students are heading back to university – or else finding their feet during fresher’s week. Of course, that also means plenty of shopping, with bedding, bathroom supplies, tins of baked beans, and, of course, kitchenware all needing to be found.

We’re putting some fun into the process by offering a range of fun glass and mugs sets which are perfect for making the most out of the student lifestyle.

Mason Glass Drinking Jar

These cool Mason jar drinking glasses are embossed with either “Live Love Laugh” or “Today is a Good Day”, and they’re perfect for kicking back with on a warm summer’s day. Designed as a standard glass mason jar with a thick glass handle attached, they’re perfect for holding pre-drinks, and can be easily washed.

Even better, each one comes with a lid which can be fastened over the top. Don’t want your vodka and coke going flat? Just twist on the lid and then put it in the fridge.

Milk Bottle Drinking Glass

Enjoy a set of six glasses in a funky presentation crate. These 100ml bottles are perfect for giving everyone a drink, and the crate makes them extremely easy to carry. Moving the party over to someone else’s room or flat? Just slip your bottles back inside and carry them with you.

Biscuit Pocket Mug

We know that student life isn’t all about drinking – you typically spent plenty of time recovering from the night before as well, and, unfortunately, studying. Make that a little bit easier using our handmade ceramic mugs with inbuilt biscuit pockets.

The biscuit or cookie can be slotted in either to the side or underneath the drink itself, so these are perfect to have while cramming for a test. They’re also dishwasher safe, so no need to worry about cleaning.


Tennessee Handled Jam Jar Glasses

These Jeremiah Weed style jam jar glasses are 15oz (43cl) large, so they’re great for enjoying a pint or a large cocktail. Like our Mason jar glasses, they’re perfect for standing out from the crowd with a little something different, and the heavy duty glass means that you shouldn’t have to worry if one ever slips from your hand.

You should be enjoying life to the fullest when you’re at university, so don’t forget to pick up some mugs and glasses with a little extra character.