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5 great products for coffee enthusiasts









Given that coffee is one of the most popular drinks on the planet, you are unlikely to have to look far among your friends or relatives to find a coffee fanatic. Indeed, perhaps you also like to take a sip from time to time. Home Treats UK offers a wide range of useful products for avid coffee consumers – here are just five examples of the many such products that can be perused on our website.

Biscuit Holder Mug

Take one look at this and you could mistake it for simply a novelty product. However, though it could indeed provoke a titter or two from the average coffee enthusiast, it can also have practical benefits. For example, it can prevent the drinker having to keep their biscuits on a separate plate, and so give them one less thing to wash after drinking.

Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Burr

For people who like to grind their own coffee beans when making their coffee, Home Treats UK offers this coffee grinder for making particularly fresh-tasting ground coffee. The adjustable burr allows the user to choose how coarse the grind will be, and the rubber sections on the product also help to ease grinding. The grinder is also easy to clean.

Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

Alternatively, for those who love freshly ground coffee but find the idea of manually grinding their coffee beans rather off-putting, this electric grinder could prove an ideal solution. Grinding is quick and easy thanks to the 150w motor, while the transparent lid allows the grinding progress to be discerned. The safety switch also improves the product’s suitability for even beginners to electric grinders.

Tassimo 52 Coffee Pod Holder with 6 Latte Glasses

Where does a regular coffee drinker keep their coffee pods for when they need them? They could, of course, just place them in a cupboard, but those pods can look more neat and organised when instead placed in this holder, which has a mammoth 52-pod capacity and even comes with some nice coffee drinking vessels!

Polished Stainless Steel Cafetière & Free Coffee Scoop 1000ml

The word ‘cafetière’ is simply French for ‘coffee maker’ – and, indeed, that is what this is. However, it is more than the average coffee maker, as it is more portable and can also look classier. The 1000ml capacity of this cafetière is sufficient for making 6-8 cups of lovely coffee at a time.



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