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Gift ideas from Home Treats UK

We are all eager to buy a gift that will simultaneously surprise and delight that special friend or relative when you give it to them on their birthday, at Christmas or on another special occasion. However, buying such a gift can prove much easier said than done. Here are our suggestions of gifts that are, naturally, high quality – but also thoughtful. And all of them can be bought from Home Treats UK!

Mugs that are ideal for biscuit lovers

So many mugs can seem so lacking in imagination these days – especially if you are browsing the mugs on offer in your local standard high street store. However, we aren’t taking the biscuit – ha! – when we say that Home Treats UK offers mugs that lovers of Digestives, Bourbons and the like can find far more useful than the average boring mug.

You could get your hands on, for example, a Biscuit Holder Mug – where coffee, water or any other drink can be sipped from the top, but there is also a slot for keeping biscuits in the bottom. Similarly, the Biscuit Pocket Mug includes a solid side pocket for storing a biscuit before the mug user wants to dip it in their drink. Well, the biccie should certainly be safer there than in a trouser pocket – except for people who like their biscuits crumbly…

Bathroom accessories that can – literally – sparkle

A bathroom is, of course, mainly there to help in maintaining good hygiene – so it can often seem like the most immaculate place in the house. However, immaculate does not have to mean boring! In fact, you can help your loved one to, to cite a common phrase, “add more sparkle” to their bathroom in a very literal sense when you gift them any of the beautiful mosaic effect bathroom accessories in the stock of Home Treats UK.

These accessories, which include a glass shelf, towel rail, towel ring and toilet roll holder, are mirrored and so can aid in bouncing light around the room and, in the process, making the room look more spacious. Home Treats UK also offers mirrors that each have large mosaic frames – and these mirrors could look good outside the bathroom, too. Whichever of these mosaic items you purchase for your loved one, rest assured that they will reflect – ahem – on what a great friend you are.