Summer Bedding Ideas and Advice On Sleeping In Hot Weather

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How To Keep Your Bed Cool In Summer

Summer is here! That means temperatures are rising, the sun is shining and life just feels that much better. The only potential negative of summertime in the UK is those overly warm nights where you’re struggling to get to sleep due to the hot weather. Due to the way buildings are designed in the UK with lots of insulation and a lack of air conditioning, getting a good night’s sleep can sometimes be a challenge during the summer months.

But worry not, we have put together a guide featuring a host of great tips on how to keep your bed cool in summer, covering everything from the best duvet and bedding for summer to other advice on how to feel cool in your bedroom.

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Summer Bedding Top Tips

As climate change continues to have an impact, temperatures in the British summer are only going to rise. As such, choosing the right summer duvet and other bedding becomes more and more important every year. We want you to sleep comfortably every night so we have gathered our best summer bedding tips ready for your consumption.

The Right Duvet Tog Rating For Summer

When selecting duvets for summer, the most crucial factor to consider are duvet tog ratings which indicate thickness and warmth. Simply put, the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. For the summer months, you’ll want a lower tog rating, which signifies a lighter duvet perfect for combating those warm nights.

Summer duvets typically have a tog rating between 1 and 4.5. Any duvet within this range will provide a lighter weight and breathable materials to help you stay cool. If you tend to have a high body temperature, opt for a duvet with the lowest tog rating possible. Those with an average body temperature should find a 4.5 tog duvet just right for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Choosing Bed Linen For Summer

Another important element of your summer bedding is the linen you choose. Bed sheets and pillows have a big impact on the feel of your bed, so choosing lightweight, comfortable, soft and breathable materials is essential to getting a restful night’s sleep in warmer weather.

We recommend investing in silk or satin pillow cases and bed sheets if you really want to sleep well during the summer and then into the cooler months too. While these materials are more expensive than polyester and cotton bed linen, silk and satin offer a lightweight cooling effect that your body will really appreciate on a summer’s night.

What About A Cooling Mattress Topper?

In addition to a low tog duvet and high-quality bed linen, you could also choose to add a cooling mattress topper or mattress protector to your bed. These cooling toppers and protectors are crafted using breathable and natural materials, with a focus on breathability and sleep hygiene to help you get a better night’s sleep all year round.

There’s no doubt that combining a low tog rating duvet with a cooling mattress topper and sheets will have a real impact on how well you will sleep at night during the warm weather.

Other Tips To Keep Your Bed and Bedroom Cool In Summer

An image showing a bedroom set up to be cool to sleep in despite hot weather.

Now we have got your bed sorted, let’s discuss how to keep your bedroom itself cooler and remove as much of that hot air as possible. Bringing the temperature of the room down will undoubtedly impact on your temperature while in bed, so follow these tips if you want to sleep comfortably this summer.

Keeping Your Room Cool

As British homes are built with heat retention in mind and rarely offer air conditioning, improving air circulation is a must if you want to keep your room cool. One effective way to do this is by using fans. Consider placing a fan near an open window to draw in cooler air from outside at night. For an extra cooling boost, you could even place a bowl of ice or a frozen water bottle in front of the fan to blow cooler air around the room or directly towards your bed.

Managing the windows themselves is also important. Keep windows open during the cooler night hours to let in the fresh air, and close them along with blinds or curtains during the day to block out the sun’s heat. Blackout curtains can be particularly effective in preventing sunlight from warming up your room, which you will really feel the effects of when you get into bed at night.

Creating a Cool Sleep Environment

Creating a cool sleep environment involves a few simple but effective tricks. One of these is using a cold, icy water bottle instead of a hot one. Place the cold water bottle near your feet or on your bed to provide a cooling effect that will spread through your whole body.

Additionally, taking a cool shower before bed can help lower your body’s core temperature, potentially making it easier to fall asleep. The cool water will help to wash away the day’s heat and refresh your skin, setting you up for a more comfortable night’s sleep. We recommend following these two handy tips if you are the type to really struggle with overheating in bed and often have night sweats.

Bed Positioning

Have you ever considered how much of an effect bed position can have on how well you’ll sleep in the summer months? Not only the location of the bed but the bed’s height can really have an impact.

Elevating your bed helps improve airflow underneath, which can contribute to an overall cooler sleeping area and surface. Using a platform bed or bed risers is the simplest way to achieve this elevation without too much effort.

Furthermore, think about the location of your bed in the room. You might think having a bed next to a window is the best way to go. But if it is near a window that receives direct sunlight during the day, sun exposure can create heat build up in the room and right around the bed. Moving it to a cooler part of the room will undoubtedly improve things in this area.

Nighttime Ventilation

Air flow is king when it comes to cooler sleep in summer. Effective nighttime ventilation keeps your room cool and comfortable. One strategy you could employ is to create cross ventilation by opening windows on opposite sides of the room or house. This setup allows for a natural flow of air, as cool air is drawn in from one side and warmer air is expelled from the other, creating a refreshing breeze.

Additionally, keeping your bedroom door open further enhances airflow around your home and your room throughout the night. Facilitating better air movement is an essential part of a good summer sleep routine that will help to maintain a pleasant sleeping temperature.

In Summary: How To Sleep Well In Warm Weather

Through this guide, we have given you the tools you need to get a great night’s sleep every time even when the temperature outside is turned up in the summer. We recommend a combination of purchasing a new bed or mattress, choosing the best bedding and creating a cool environment in your bedroom to achieve your summer sleeping goals.

Consider breathable bedding, assess the varying duvet togs and look at silk or satin linen to create the perfect bed for hot weather sleeping. In terms of keeping a cool bedroom, remember air circulation, the position of your bed and ventilation as the key weapons in your arsenal against the heat.

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