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Interior Design Trends 2024 — 20 Fresh, Stylish Ways to Decorate Homes This Year

The world of interior design is constantly evolving, and as we move through 2024, it’s clear that interior design trends bring a blend of comfort, style and innovation into our homes. Interior designs are placing an emphasis on creating spaces that reflect individual tastes while embracing emerging trends. As such, we at Home Treats Uk have put together 20 key design ideas to watch out for in 2024 and even into 2025, focusing particularly on bedrooms and related spaces as our area of expertise. To upgrade your living spaces with beds and other furniture following the latest interior design trends, be sure to check out our selection of quality products that can bring quiet luxury to any home.

20 Home Decor Trends for 2024-25

1. Seventies Revival

One of the notable interior design trends for 2024 is the Seventies revival, which brings back the dynamic vibes of the 1970s with a modern twist. This year, expect to see more abstract patterns, geometric wallpapers and a palette of warm, rich colours for timeless elegance. Warm browns, deep oranges and buttery yellow are all the rage. For bedrooms, consider introducing retro-inspired bedding, wood panelling or a statement wall with a bold geometric print to add a touch of nostalgia and flair.

2. Dark Maximalism

In contrast, dark maximalism favours a dramatic, enveloping feel with its rich palette of deep blues, purples and lush textures. This trend is perfect for creating a cocoon-like bedroom atmosphere where dark walls are paired with luxurious, deeply hued bed linens and plush velvet accents. This is certainly where one of our darker ottoman bed frames could really come into its own.

3. Bouclé Textures

The soft, nubby texture of bouclé continues to be a favourite. It adds a layer of sophistication and comfort, ideal for bedroom furnishings such as bed headboards, statement chairs or comfy plush throws. This fabric’s tactile quality not only enhances the aesthetic but also invites a more sensorial experience into the room that interior designers are loving. Having bouclé furnishings in egg-white is one of the top interior design trends this year.

4. Brutalism

But in another contrast, brutalism is making a surprising entry into interior designs trends, characterised by its bold, raw and stark structural elements. In bedrooms, consider a piece of brutalist furniture or decor to make a strong visual statement, such as a concrete nightstand or a robust metal light fixture. While this may sound a little left-field, I’m tipping interior Brutalism to last much longer than the architectural Brutalism of the 50’s and 60’s.

5. Handcrafted and Artisan Designs

As we lean towards more personalised spaces, sustainable design and environmentally-friendly natural materials, handcrafted and artisanal items are increasingly prized. Handmade quilts, wooden bed frames or handwoven rugs can add a unique and personal touch that distinguishes your bedroom from the commonplace. Many a buddy interior designer are turning to upcycling rustic, artisan furniture and other home decor pieces to add conversation-starting visual interest to their home.

6. Beautiful Blues

Blue remains a versatile and beloved colour in interior design and is sure to be a mainstay of interior design trends forever. From calming pastels to vibrant teals, incorporating various shades of blue can transform the lounge, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom into a serene escape or a dynamic focal point. The sheer versatility of blue means you can never really go wrong with it as you look to create spaces that can transform your daily life.

7. Mixed Metals

The trend of mixing metals continues to evolve, adding sophistication and depth to interior spaces. In bedrooms, mix brass, silver tones and gold finishes in light fixtures, picture frames and furniture detailing to create a rich, layered look. Metallic interior design trends have been around forever and adding these neat details to any room is sure to evoke nostalgia and increase charm.

8. Natural Lighting

Maximising natural light is essential for making spaces feel larger and more open. This has always been the case but that doesn’t mean it is not an essential trend to consider even in 2024 and beyond. In bedrooms, consider layout and decor that maximize natural light, such as placing mirrors strategically and choosing lighter colour palettes that reflect daylight. Going one step further, you could consider introducing sky lights, bay windows or even a conservatory if you’re going for a full home renovation.

9. Warming Neutrals

The new neutrals of 2024 include a range of soothing earth tones, all designed to add warmth to a living space. Soft greys, creamy whites and muted beiges provide a calming backdrop in bedrooms, perfect for a peaceful and elegant aesthetic. Such natural shades work well with wooden beds and furniture and will always be at the forefront of the mind of any good interior designer.

10. Soft Sculptural Lighting

Innovative lighting solutions continue to be a focus, with sculptural pieces that act as both light sources and artworks. These statement pieces are ideal for bedrooms and lounges, adding both functionality and a touch of modern artistry. I don’t think you can beat funky floor lamps as a way to introduce this to your home decor, ideal for placing in a corner or next to your seating.

11. Vintage Furniture

There’s a growing appreciation for vintage and antique pieces within interior design trends. Integrating such items in the bedroom adds character and a sense of history, whether it’s through an ornate mirror, an aged wood dresser or a classic armchair. These can provide a sense of contrast to a room if your other furniture is more modern, creating a talking point and memorable feature for guests.

12. Hideaway Home Offices

With the ongoing trend of remote work, integrating a small, stylish office setup in the bedroom is becoming more popular. Opt for compact, foldable designs that harmonise with the rest of the room’s decor, which can be easily hidden away when you want to turn work mode off and chill mode back on. If you are choosing to create an office within a bedroom, opting for a functional bed like an ottoman bed will help with storage space potentially lost to the desk.

13. Statement Stoneware

Decorative ceramics and stoneware add an artisanal touch to any space. In bedrooms, use these pieces for both functionality and decoration, like a bespoke ceramic lamp or handcrafted pottery for small storage. Other potential uses include stone plant pots to house your favourite house plants or a stone table to complement your outdoor garden furniture.

14. Natural Wood

The warmth and authenticity of natural wood are timeless. As such, wood will always feature in interior design trends for many years to come. Incorporating wooden elements in bed frames, side tables or flooring can ground the bedroom decor with a solid, earthy feel, bringing natural materials to the fore.

15. Earthy Hues

Rich, earthy tones such as terracotta, amber and moss green bring warmth and depth to bedrooms, lounges and other interior spaces. Utilising these hues in bed linens, curtains and wall paint can create a cozy, inviting environment, complemented by house plants and vases in similar tones. Your choice of bed frame colour will also have an impact in this area.

16. Textured Walls

Adding texture to walls can dramatically alter the mood of a bedroom. Whether through plaster effects, fabric wall coverings or textured paint, these elements add depth and interest, transforming the walls into focal points. Wood panelling is another strong interior design trend in 2024, suitable for lounge spaces and bedrooms, bringing a basic wall to life.

17. Parisian Grey

Elegant and understated, Parisian grey offers a chic, romantic touch to bedrooms. This soft hue works beautifully as a base for layering different textures and shades, or as a sophisticated backdrop for vibrant art and rich, dark furniture. It’s no surprise that this shade of grey is so popular within interior design in the modern day, due to the simple yet elegant ambience it creates.

18. Jovial Colours

If you’re more of an outgoing and extroverted person who likes to make a statement, bright and playful colours bring energy and fun into any space. These attention-grabbing colours are often particularly suitable for children’s rooms or as accent elements in a master bedroom. Consider decor accessories like cushions, rugs or artwork in vibrant hues to inject personality and joy into your home.

19. Decorative Wall Lights

Functional yet decorative, wall lights add layers of lighting and can significantly enhance the bedroom’s ambiance. Choose from sleek modern designs or ornate vintage styles to complement your overall decor. You could also consider bulb lighting as a rustic design element that can adorn a wall or hang from the ceiling.

20. Soft Black Accents

Soft black brings a sophisticated and contemporary edge to bedrooms and other interior spaces. It pairs well with lighter colours and can be used in various elements such as bed frames, lamps or as part of a feature wall. This colour adds depth and contrast, perfect for creating a modern yet cozy atmosphere.
In summary, this list of interior design trends for 2024 offers a myriad of options for updating your interiors, particularly in bedrooms, where comfort and personal style take precedence. By integrating these fresh and stylish home decor ideas, you can transform your home into a reflection of contemporary trends while ensuring it remains a personalised and cherished space. Whether you’re refurbishing an entire room or simply looking to update a few key elements, I hope these trends have been able to provide a wealth of inspiration for upgrading your home.