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Why Choose An Ottoman Storage Bed?

Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your house. To create the ideal environment in your bedroom, you should think about ergonomy and comfort. There are plenty of ways to do it, and they all should be pointed towards healthy sleep. The best bedroom is one that can provide convenience when we are resting as well as great sleep. Speaking of convenience, beds with lifting mechanisms are the keys to it such as an ottoman storage bed.

A piece of ottoman furniture is is typically upholstered and has hinges & storage internal hidden storage space. The term traces it roots from furniture’s practices in the ottoman empire

What are the advantages of Ottoman Beds?

Pros of beds with lifting mechanisms:

  • saving space
  • organise and sort your belongings
  • convenient storage of things
  • no dust under the bed
  • comfortable healthy sleep

Saving space
 Its storage system is much more compact and more convenient than in models of beds with drawers. Not everyone can boast of spacious bedrooms or children’s rooms, which can easily accommodate a bed, wardrobe, armchair, and chest of drawers for linen. More often we have to think about how to arrange furniture so that at least there is room for a passage. And in such situations, a bed with a lifting mechanism can be a real salvation.

Storage of Bedding, Pillow & More

You can store there everything that is storable: bed linen, pillows, blankets, condiments, and clothes. And the space under the double bed gives you even more storage space. It can easily replace a wardrobe in volume and free the room from unnecessary furniture. Single Ottoman Bed Example storage:

Ottoman Bed Storage

Ease of cleaning
The ottoman storage bed design with a lifting mechanism is designed so that there is practically no space left under it. Therefore, dust or debris does not collect under the bed, in addition, the cleaning process can be facilitated if all things are stored in special boxes or wardrobe trunks.
Comfortable healthy sleep

The orthopedic base on beds with a lifting mechanism serves as rigid support that supports the human spine during sleep. As a result, there is no need to sacrifice sleep quality. On the contrary, a lift-up bed provides a healthy and comfortable rest.

Side or front lifting Ottoman Bed Frame? 

Another key factor in to take into consideration when purchasing and ottoman storage bed frame is the direction the bed frame opens in. Typically these are front lift or side lift bed frames. Ottoman bed frames that open from the front have easier access at the front of the end of the bed. Side lifting beds can bed fitted left or right facing and offer better access to the side storage areas. 

The when deciding which side you need the bed to open take into account the shape of the room, and items you expect to store under the bed. 

Front lift ottoman beds can provide a little extra freedom on storage space
Side lift ottoman beds are normally a better choice for smaller rooms

Side Lift Left or right facing ottoman storage bed

Side Lift Storage Ottoman Single Bed Studded side view

How to choose the Correct lift bed?

Their quality results in price and service life. When choosing a bed, you need to pay attention to the materials and mechanisms from which it is made. 
The ottoman storage bed with lifts consists of:

    • frame,
    • slats,
    • mattress,
    • air piston 
    • headboards 

Ottoman Bed Parts

The frame can be made from solid wood (oak, ash, beech, mahogany), metal, laminated chipboard, fiberboard, or MDF, combinations of materials.
The most expensive material is solid wood of valuable species. The most durable are metal beds. For more budgetary models, frames are made of chipboard and pine beams.

Slats serve as a support for the mattress, improve its orthopedic properties. Must be tough and resilient at the same time. Quality slats are made of 5 or 7 ply birch plywood. Pay attention to the distance between them. The smaller it is, the better. The average is 5-6 cm.

Upholstery besides serving as a decoration for the bed helps hide the details of the lifting mechanism. There are a lot of materials for upholstery. These are microfiber, micro velour, velour, jacquard, flock, tapestry, artificial or natural leather, suede, etc.  

The lifting mechanism of the bed. A gas lift bed uses gas pistols on the sides of an ottoman bed. They make a gas-like sound, releasing air as you manoeuvre the bed up and down. The bed rises parallel to the floor. There is a side lift option, it seems like you are opening a “book” – the base of the bed rises on one side (side or at an angle to the headboard). Side lift is usually chosen for single or one-and-a-half beds located against the wall.

Bed lifting mechanisms are :

  • gas lift (air piston)
  • spring
  • manual

Gaslift (air piston)
Simple and reliable machine with the gas piston. The bed is easily raised and lowered thanks to the inert gas pressure in the gas pistols.

Ottoman Bed Lift


withstands weight up to 300 kg
lifting does not require physical effort
the base can be easily lifted and fixed
silent movement of the mechanism
reliability and durability

parts of the mechanism are hidden in the casing

Spring lifting mechanism
The lifting of the berth in these models is carried out due to the functioning of the steel coil springs. Such a spring, having received the initial impulse, brings the bed base to the desired position.

Benefits: light weight and dimensions, the use of small physical efforts when transforming the bed, low price.

Disadvantages: short service life, frequent replacement of springs (about every 3 years).

Manual lifting mechanism
The base rises on hinges attached to one side of the bed. A reliable mechanism with a simple lever design, but inconvenient to operate.

Benefits: low price, reliability, long service life, no replacement of parts required.

Disadvantages: requires significant physical effort to raise and lower the bed base.

It is not recommended to use heavy mattresses with a manual lifting mechanism, as you will have to lift the weight of the base plus the weight of the mattress on your hands.

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