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Hometreats UK helps renters make a house more like their own

We recently teamed up with Jess from FOXXTAILZ to help her make her rented house feel more like her own.

In my quest to help me enhance my home with smaller details, I was very kindly given the chance to pick out some home bits from home treats. I Picked out the cinematic light up box and milk bottle drinking glass set.

The Cinematic light up box I was really excited because 1) hello the perfect blog prop and 2) I’m a sucker when it comes to atmospheric home lighting. I thought this was a really cool and different way to achieve just that without having to fall back on the old fairy lights time and time again. Plus, it looks super cute nestled on my bookshelves between my fave books. The light up box is powered by batteries instead of a power lead so there are no restrictions where you can place it! 

The milk bottle drinking set has become my new fave thing ever. So far I have used them for blog props [of course] little mini vases to hold little mini flowers and to make the yummiest drinks and cocktails ever. These would be great for wedding table drinks, summer house parties or special occasion drinks! For now, I’ve favoured having them dotted around the house with my favourite flowers.

Read the rest of Jess’ review here and don’t forget you can get 10% off all orders until 31st July using code ‘HOMETREATS’