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5 Things to do With Mason Glass Drinking Jars

Mason Jar

You might already regularly use Mason jars to preserve food, but not realise that we at Home Treats UK offer sets of a less conventional type of Mason jar: a Mason glass drinking jar. This kind of jar is largely indistinguishable from a classic Mason jar, except for a few extra features to allow for easier use as a drinking vessel. Here are five great ideas for how these drinking jars could be used – you’d be amazed by their versatility.

The most obvious use: drinking

Yes, the clue’s in the name. Each of these drinking jars come with a thick, easy-to-grip handle and a lid that has been carefully designed to hold a straw. Invite three friends over, and you can all enjoy social drinking with these jars which could even prove an amusing talking point if you are all already familiar with traditional Mason jars.

Preserving food

As each of these jars adhere to the classic design of a Mason jar, you can indeed use them to preserve food in the same manner as with conventional Mason jars. You could find that each jar is compatible with Mason jar lids and bands that you already have and use. For a bit of help along the way, here’s a detailed and useful guide to food canning.

Storing cupcake liners

If you like to often make cupcakes, these jars are just the right size to use as storage containers for cupcake liners you have purchased, but remain yet to use. Remember to stack the liners before you put them into the jar – they’ll then look better from the outside.

Turning them into attractive string lights

Believe it or not, it’s genuinely possible, with a little bit of handiwork, to turn several Mason drinking jars into twinkling lights for displaying on your home’s exterior. You’ll need some galvanised cable and tea light candles, as the Country Living website explains.

Making them into… air fresheners!

Here’s another lovably eccentric idea from Country Living, which also links to a useful tutorial. Various fruits and other foods can be placed in each jar for an intoxicating aroma. The real beauty of this use is that it’s up to you what you put in the jar – making it easy to create a smell that is especially pleasing to your nostrils.