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Organising Your Kitchen 101

The size of the average UK kitchen has shrunk dramatically in the last few decades. In fact, that average size had dropped by a third since the 1960s. With this is mind, it isn’t any wonder that homeowners across the country – particularly in new-builds – are doing everything they can to make the most out of every cubic inch. Here are our top tips for a thoroughly organised kitchen.

  1. Pull Everything Out

Horrid as it sounds, the best way to beat back the clutter is to get it all out in the open – that’s why emptying all the cupboards and drawers is going to be job one. Pull everything out, then discard or donate anything that you don’t need.  Tins collecting dust, items you have two off, and the never-used all need to go.

  1. Organise Intelligently

Now that everything is out, organise it. The best way to do this is to keep everything together, then place things close to where they’ll need to be. For example, cooking and baking items should be close to the oven, utensils should be near your table, your coffee grinder and glasses should be next to the sink.

  1. Clearly the Right Way to Go

Smaller items can be a nightmare to keep track off, so hold them together in a plastic container, or even a Ziploc bag. Just make sure it’s clear so that you can look in without having to open everything up. Again, try to group these items as much as possible. You can also take some items out of their original boxes if they are too bulky. For example, there’s quite a lot of space inside a box of porridge oat sachets – better to put them in a Ziploc bag to save on cupboard space.

  1. Embrace Verticality

There’s always vertical space up for grabs, so make sure you take full advantage. Placing larger or rarely used items on the tops of shelves is a given, but you can also place hooks underneath cabinets to hold your mugs, add a magnetic board to wall to hold your knives, or use adhesive hooks to hang up smaller and lighter items inside cupboard doors. If you don’t use it, that space is going to waste.

Making the most of the space in your kitchen makes sense, so use these tips to do just that.