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White toilet brush With Easy Clean Silicone Head


  • ????SILICONE BRUSH HEAD— The toilet brushes silicone brush head is very effective while being easy to clean. It is much more hygienic than nylon brush heads. Silicone brush heads are less prone to discolouration after use. The black colour bush head does not show dirt and grime.
  • ????QUICK DRYING HOLDER— The toilet brush holder base is designed to dry out quickly allowing your bathroom to stay fresh and free from smells. Holder Size H: 28cm W: 10cm- With Brush: H38cm
  • ????STAINLESS STEEL LID— Our toilet brush lid is manufactured out of 301 stainless steel being easier to clean and hygienic.
  • ????DURABLE— The brush never wears or changes shape, allowing perfect cleaning. The white toilet brush outer colour adds some style to every bathroom.
  • ????NON SLIP HANDLE— The toilet brush handle shape reduces cleaning times. It helps you reach those hard to reach places. Brush Size 34cm x 8cm

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