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Square Bath Mat Clear. Non Slip Strong Grip Shower Mat 53 x 53 cm


Long lasting ✓ Designed to stand the test of time. Made from durable high grade PVC with rubber back that is antibacterial & mould proof

Strong  Grip  up to 164 strong suction cups  hold the mat firmly in place in the bath for your peace of mind.

Non Slip ✓ up to 164 raised bumps with a textured top layer provides powerful grip to feet even when wet. Adaptable and comfortable while stood on.

Drainage ✓ up to 149 drainage holes allows water, soap  suds & shampoo to easily flow away preventing mat from being water logged. Extra large centre holes

Compatible   Created to fit all bathtubs  & showers curved rounded or square. Curved end cut out to accommodate the plug. The square mat ideal for shower cubicles.

Product Sizes :  L:53cm x W 53cm x H: 0.5cm – 164 suction cups  – 164 grip bumps – 149 drainage holes

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