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Rotary Washing Line 4 Arm Clothes Airer 40m


Built to last, our stable and extra heavy-duty rotary washing line 4 arm Our airer is rust and weather proof with a powder coated tubular frame. The 40 metres of durable coated washing line is enough for a family. The included cover protects the airer all winter long and the ground spike is included.

The included ground spike should be installed into the garden. Providing a safe, secure and sturdy base for your airer. The ground spike provides an anchor for your airer. There is no need to concrete the spike into the ground, this makes it super easy to install.

Our rotary airer is built to withstand all weather conditions. The powder coated tubular steel frame adds an extra barrier against the weather preventing rust, mould and mildew. The provided airer cover is perfect to protect the rotary lines and stand.

For this year we have improved the opening and closing mechanism of the airer. Using the soft grip handle it is straight forward to adjust the angles of the airer arms.

40m of PVC coated drying line, opened diameter 175cm, line length 125cm, arm length 95cm, retracted height 82cm, extends to maximum height 194cm. Includes 1x Metal Spike, 1x Rotary Airer and 1x Airer Cover.

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