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Air Fryer 3.8L Black Large Capacity With Timer 1450W


  • CYCLONE COOKING: This Air Fryer 3.8L black features cyclone technology which allows food to be cooked around 35% faster, using 99% less oil.
  •  HEALTHY COOKING: Uses 99% less fat for the same great taste. Use just one tablespoon of oil (or none if you prefer) for healthier cooking. Keep the delicious, crispy texture and flavour, lose the grease and fat!
  • FASTER COOKING: Faster cooking has your food ready in much less time, fluffy chips can be ready in just 13 minutes. The ‘easy to use’ controls allow you to set the 60 minute timer as well as the temperature to ensure great cooking results every time.
  •  MEAL CHOICES: Grill, Fry, Roast and Bake Functions allow you to make a huge variety of meals. Easily make muffins, pork chops, vegan and vegetarian treats.
  •  3.8 LITRE CAPACITY: Huge capacity allows you to feed the whole family. While the special energy saving features of the air fryer allows you to save electricity and money.
    Product Size H 30cm x W 26cm D 30cm 

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