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8 Pair Wooden Top Shoe Rack with 3 Levels of Storage Natural Wood Finish


Always wasting time looking for the right shoes in a big messy pile? Let this shoe rack help and rescue your disorganised entryway! 


Compact yet functional this compact shoe rack takes up little space while offering 3 tiers of storage space, suitable for small spaces. 

With a simple and attractive design, it is also ideal for stowing bags, boxes, books, plants, etc. 


Four adjustable feet are designed for easy levelling on uneven floors and to protect floors from scratches. Gives you a sturdy seat to put on your shoes.

Two mesh shelves accommodate 8 pairs of shoes and give you a neat entry; top shelf is perfect for work bag and purse drop off at the end of the day.


Product Size

H: 45cm W: 30cm L: 73cm


Delivery Information 

Delivery excludes Channel Islands, Highlands and Northern Ireland

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