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Top Products For Heading Back to University

LED makeup mirror

We don’t doubt that you’ve had a fun and probably extravagant Christmas – but, if you’re a university student, it’s time to put that behind you, tighten the purse strings again and get back to work! Nonetheless, you might feel the need for a little extra spending on some products you have previously overlooked for keeping in your student accommodation. Here are some of our own recommendations.

Pack of 6 Latte Glasses – for Coffee or Tea

You can rarely have too many glasses for drinking from; indeed, when friends come around to your particular room for a nice chat or some games, you will want plenty of glasses to distribute to everyone around the room for some social drinking. If it’s coffee or tea that the lot of you are keen on downing, we would definitely nudge you towards this set of simple but practical latte glasses.

This pack ticks a lot of crucial boxes for students: it’s no-frills, inexpensive, but also contains glasses that have been carefully designed and built for easy use. By that, we mean that they are easy to both drink from and clean – while also suitably sized for use with coffee makers. On the subject of which…

Stainless Steel Cafetière, French Press, 350ML

The student advice website Studential.com advises that, if you want a coffee maker for use in your accommodation, you should check that this appliance isn’t already available – either from the university, if you’re still in university-managed accommodation, or from a house/flat mate. However, if, for whatever reason, a coffee maker isn’t available from either of these sources, we would definitely recommend this cafetière from our stock here at Home Treats UK.

Why? Because, while it’s cheap, an obvious plus point for a student, it’s still wonderfully sleek, lightweight and portable – and capable of quickly brewing fresh, delicious coffee. The included removable plunger also makes it easy to clean, while the 350ML capacity means that, once brewing is done, there’s plenty of lovely coffee to go around amongst all of your friends in the room.

You can benefit from our endeavours to keep our prices low

Studential.com also recommends that, when buying kitchen utensils for your accommodation, you avoid spending too much – as, during your time at university, those utensils could too easily go missing, thanks to your flatmates. Thankfully, low prices come as standard with many of the home products that we stock.